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UK International Market Research Agency

Welcome to MRFGR International Market Research Agency

MRFGR are one the UK's leading international market research companies with offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Hull. We're a friendly & approachable market research agency working across the globe with businesses of all shapes & sizes. No job really is too big or too small. From enterprise level global businesses and start-ups, to small boutique agencies and individual consultants, we work across the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia, India, China, Japan, and most countries inbetween, for a plethora of marketing & creative agencies, end clients, and even - under NDAs - other competitor market research agencies (yes, we really are that good!).

We're here to help everyone and once you've worked with us, we're 100% confident that you won't want to work with anyone else.

Request a Quote & Project Feasibility


We love quoting, so are more than happy to freely discuss project feasibilty and provide quotes for any number of research projects with no obligation or hassle; after-all everyone needs some help when working out costs or even when tendering or pitching to clients!

What market research respondent types can you provide?

Generally, we can recruit who ever you’re after, no matter how difficult or bizarre, these can include general consumers, specific shopping types i.e. ASDA customers, medical and pharmaceutical, legal and high-level business groups and executives to name but a few. We work for all types of companies including both end-clients and other market research companies and market research agencies.

Market research consumer panels and specialist/bespoke panel creation and management

Our specialist/bespoke panel creation and management service or - if required by the client - self managed option, is also one of our most popular service provisions enabling our clients to have direct access and the ability to tap straight into any number of individuals that fit their exact screener requirements, be it a general consumer panel, a panel of doctors or specialists, or even a particularly difficult or hard to reach panel type.

Online surveys, forums, bulletin boards and chat rooms for market research

In addition to the provision of online surveys, which incorporates planning, survey design, hosting, management and reporting, we also provide services in respect of bulletin boards, forums and chat rooms for use within online market research, including - design, hosting, moderating, monitoring and reporting. Generally, there’s very little we can’t help you with.

Who do we typically help with their market research needs?

We are a very friendly and open company and no request is too small, unusual or last minute, even for the most extraordinary of requirements. We work with companies of all sizes, across all industries, on a diverse range of projects throughout the world including working for many of the worlds largest blue chips, right through to the smaller boutique agencies and individual marketeers or researchers - see our client list here.

Be it a small 8 person focus group recruit or a behemoth 20,000 person survey, there’s no job too big or too small and often we’re the company that most clients come to when they’ve been told their requirements are too difficult or even impossible - how many companies do you know that could conduct a ‘worldwide’ recruit of over 50 key opinion leaders in the field of gastroenterology or arrange over 5000 consumers in under two weeks to agree to receive, test and feedback on a well known brands new line of air fresheners?

Why should we use you over your competitors?

It’s not often that you get the opportunity to get one up on your competitors but obviously when you have the chance like we have now you need to take advantage of the situation that it presents. Before we start you should be reminded that your respondent i.e. the person that you want to speak to/survey in relation to your research, is perhaps singularly the most important part of the whole research process. Without the correct respondent, regardless of whether you have the best research plan, focus group, survey, report, or similar, your findings will effectively come to nothing.

As you can imagine there’s cowboys in all walks of life including market research companies and just because someone’s a member of one of the many market research membership organisations, it doesn’t mean they’re good, far from it, often all it can mean is that they pay their membership dues. More over - and more worryingly - there is very little in the way of professional organisations that effectively monitor and ensure the services of so called respondent recruitment or market research online survey agencies, including the fact that the whole market research industry is in itself an unregulated entity.

Unlike MRFGR where all our respondent recruitment is carried out by our own full time, inhouse, specially trained team - who follow the rules and standards advised by the Market Research Society (MRS) - nearly 95% of our competitors are merely agents farming out the work to unregulated individuals whom generally have no formal training or safeguards to ensure not only full respondent turnouts but also respondents whom are correctly screened for the requirement at hand.

Unfortunately, as it’s a huge market and there’s potentially a lot of work out there, other market research recruitment companies - or as we’d rather call them ‘Agencies’ - can often be complacent and in the likely event they do get a poor respondent turnout or fail to screen respondents correctly - because they haven’t taken ownership of the job and haven’t worked on it themselves - it’s not a big problem for them as they can always blame their recruiter and correctly assume there’s more work elsewhere. Often in situations where our competitors are representing a larger client and where they’ve ‘fudged’ a job, we’re called in to help them out... not that they’d admit to this (sorry guys!)

Similarly, the same strict recruitment criteria is also applied to our online survey panels ensuring that - unlike the vast majority of the competition - our respondents are genuine people who only complete a survey if they fit the exact screening criteria. Additionally, and if required by the client, MRFGR can run non-anonymous surveys allowing the client to have access to those that have completed the survey and proving that we are using real people (something our competition cannot prove .... there’s not a lot you can do if your provider is hiding behind the fact they use ‘anonymous’ surveys. Test them and request non-anonymous access and see the excuses roll in).

Do you assist with clinical / healthcare research studies into ongoing outbreaks such Coronavirus (Covid-19)?

MRFGR does assist with immediate and time-sensitive medical research projects such as Coronavirus (Covid-19). Whether you need help with the recruitment of your research participants, panel management, or sourcing large quant data to online surveys - we're able to help with any aspect. It's advisable that you contact us to discuss your research project with a highly trained member of the team, and we can deliver a full feasibility proposal along with costs.