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Client Questions - Field Ancillary/Support Services

What do I need to consider when getting my groups transcribed?

The main consideration when getting transcriptions of your groups is to consider the transcriber. If multiple people are speaking at the same time, or have heavy accents, or simply the audio recording is of poor quality the transcriber will inevitably have problems in transcribing the focus group. Make sure only one person speaks at a time, there are no background noises and your recording is of a suitable quality (surprisingly some market research viewing facilities have terrible sound recordings).

What is the difference between a translator and an interpreter?

A translator is someone that translates text where an interpreter is someone that interprets speech. Rarely you will find someone that is both a translator and interpreter as they have very different skill sets.

What is a market research viewing facility and why would I choose to use one?

A market research viewing facility is a purpose built venue for conducting focus group discussions and depth interviews. Generally the main difference between a viewing facility and a regular venue such as a hotel meeting room is that the viewing facility will have a one-way-mirror that allows the discussions/interviews to be unobtrusively viewed live by the clients in addition to having built in recording facilities to record the groups/interviews (whereas if a recording was required in a standard meeting room - although possible - it's a little more problematic in that the moderator will need to arrive earlier, set the camera up, ensure it's in a good position, and test the recording).

When using a general meeting room it’s generally not advisable to have a client in the same room as the focus group respondents, as you usually find that the respondents can be put off by their attendance and will not be forthcoming with their opinions.