As discussed above, respondent incentives are a key element of ensuring good respondent attendance. However, even with the best incentives out there, without an effective respondent recruitment team there’s little chance of a good turnout. MRFGR are the best in the industry in ensuring respondent attendance and in 95% of projects are proud to boast 100% attendance - and still a record 90% attendance in those small 5% of cases.

We go to great lengths to ensure not only quality screened respondents but respondents that turn-up to your research and in a timely manner (respondents are always asked to arrive 15 minutes before the actual focus group commences). Unlike our competitors we ensure that we call the respondent on at least three occasions leading up to the group to ensure their continued interest and to assess their reliability. This includes a telephone discussion on final screening selection, a call a few days before the group and a call on the morning of the group. Additionally, as a further insurance measure we also ensure - at no extra charge - that we have quality, screened reserve respondents in the unlikely instance that someone should cancel. These reserve respondents are also asked their location in respect of the group, the time it would take for them to travel to the venue in addition to being asked what would be the latest time they could be contacted to ensure their attendance in the event of someone cancelling. No one else in the industry provides this level of service to ensure full respondent turnouts.