The method of respondent recruitment is very much dependent on the project at hand. Generally, we utilise several respondent recruitment methods, including in order of importance:

(1) Ongoing advertising of the MRFGR website (directing potential participants to the market research registration page) and it's various project requirements for certain types of people to participate in focus groups, depth interviews, co-creation workshops, product testing, audience participation, mystery shopping, etc.

(2) Specialist 'cold-start' research in respect of difficult briefs/hard-to-find people, where the team closely consider the project and plan a specialist recruitment strategy, and actively recruit those individuals through their work places, social media, colleagues/friends, etc.

(3) Specialist recruiters who have been trained in the 'MRFGR recruitment way' and who are closely monitored and recruits stringently checked (all respondents are called and re-screened).