Screening potential market research respondents for focus groups, depth interviews, online surveys, etc is a critical part of the market research process. MRFGR can use client screeners or create screeners on the client’s behalf at no additional charge. Unlike our competitors MRFGR provides at least one - sometimes two - ‘additional’ layer/s of screening. Any respondents joining our panel/database are asked a series of screening questions including many general questions in regard to them personally, their lifestyle, their work, their health and their interests including any specialist areas of interest. Additionally, for every new project, respondents are then re-screened using the agreed screener via an online survey/screener and then as a further measure any potential applicants are then called and once again screened on the telephone ensuring the best screening process out there.

In addition to this stringent market research screening process applicants are also monitored to ensure that they haven’t completed too many research projects and are what we’d class as a ‘professional market research respondents’. Generally - unless the clients requests otherwise - respondents are not included in a research project if they've completed a similar project in the last 6 months.