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General, Specialist and Custom Market Research Panels

General, Specialist and Custom Market Research Panels Image
  • market research panels for both online (surveys and polls) and offline research projects (focus groups, depth interviews, workshops, surveys, etc);
  • any panel type is available including 'specialist panels' i.e. medical, legal, commercial and ‘custom panels’ i.e. business class travellers, microsoft (.NET) coders, basically anything that you require;
  • specialist short (1 - 3 weeks), medium (1 - 6 months) or long term (6 months plus) recruits for ‘custom’ panels;
  • highly skilled team to advise and comment on project requirements;
  • panels can be both anonymous and non-anonymous;
  • self management or MRFGR team management options available.
  • General, specialist and custom market research panels

    In a nutshell MRFGR provides market research panels for both online research i.e. online survey or polls, and for off-line research, such as for product testers, focus group participants, specialist respondents i.e. doctors, lawyers, high level business executives etc. Generally, we can provide any market research panel that you require. Not only do we hold specialist panels but we can also provide custom panels that meet your exact requirements. So if you’re actually looking for 35 - 55 year old males, that fly business class at least 5 times a year, we’ll create a project panel based around those exact requirements, and within an advised period of time you will have full and total access to the panel as when you need them.

    MRFGR also offer the opportunity to select the way in which you would prefer to manage your panel, either with a self-managed option or with MRFRG managing it for you.

    Unlike the competition, we actually speak to our panels.

    Unfortunately the market research panel market is teeming with what could only be described as trash panels, generally made-up from unconfirmed email list providers, dubious company partnerships, or in some cases, responses coming from automated reply programmes or a data entry team based in Bangalore completing 1000’s of a surveys a day.

    Market research panel providers that state they have ‘the largest’ and most internationally spread panels have little in the way of control measures to ensure that their respondents are not only real, but are of good quality; after all how could they when they purport to have over 6 million members?

    Although we don’t attest to be the largest panel out there, unlike many of the other market research panel providers MRFGR can ‘guarantee' real, high quality panel members.

    How do you ‘guarantee’ high quality market research panel members?

    MRFGR are unique and distinct in that our primary specialism is respondent recruitment for focus groups, depth interviews, mystery shoppers, and host of what we’d call ‘real-world, off-line’ projects, hence the majority of our panel have been used in ‘real-world’ market research projects, and for those that have not, they have been rigorously screened through our 84 question registration process and often also spoken to in assessing their suitability for other such off-line market research projects.

    As an extra service we even provide the option of receiving non-anonymized data, whereby the market research panel’s permissions are sort to disclose their contact details to the end client, thereby allowing the client to communicate with their respondents in respect to their responses.

    We guarantee no-one else in the industry can even purport to going to these lengths to ensure quality market research panels!

    How does the MRFGR market research panel system work?

    All respondents on our market research panel are asked to complete a series of 84 questions, which ensures we have an excellent understanding of each individual. When a project is presented by the client, we filter the panel database according to the strict screening requirements, these panel members are then invited to take part in the survey/poll and - as an extra insurance measure - are then re-screened via the online survey form.

    What are the 84 questions posed in the MRFGR market research panel registration requirement?

    The questions posed to every respondent who wishes to take in our market research panel are as follows:

    Personal Information

    - Email
    - Location – country/town or city/address/postcode
    - Main contact number
    - Gender
    - Date of birth
    - Nationality
    - Ethnicity
    - Religion or belief
    - Language(s) spoken
    - Marital Status
    - Living situation
    - Household income
    - Number of children (whether they’re below 18, above 18, and living at home is specified)
    - Number of pets

    Political Views

    - Political party most recently favoured
    - Past favoured political parties


    - Whether they smoke, what they smoke, how often they smoke
    - Average weekly alcohol units
    - Diet preferences
    - Medical conditions

    Work situation

    - What they currently do for work (full-time, part-time, student, retired, etc)
    - Business/company name of where they work
    - General industry of where they work
    - Specific work industry
    - Job titles
    - Level of work
    - Company size
    - Personal income

    Utility Providers

    - Water provider
    - Gas provider
    - Electricity provider

    Communication providers

    - Landline/telephone provider
    - Mobile provider
    - Broadband provider

    Technology Usage

    - Average weekly internet usage
    - Average daily mobile phone usage
    - Number of mobiles
    - Phone manufacturers
    - Phone models
    - Number of tablets
    - Tablet manufacturer
    - Tablet models
    - Number of laptops
    - Laptop manufacturer
    - Laptop models
    - Number of desktops
    - Desktop manufacturers
    - Desktop models

    Food habits

    - Favourite eateries
    - Favourite take-away food
    - Favourite food brands
    - Favourite foods


    - Interests or hobbies


    - Preferred magazines (print or digital)
    - Preferred newspapers


    - Clothing brands


    - Favourite soft drinks
    - Favourite alcoholic drinks


    - Average weekly TV viewing
    - Satellite/cable providers
    - Favourite film genres
    - Favourite TV channels
    - Favourite TV shows
    - Streaming TV & Film providers used
    - Favourite radio channels
    - Favourite radio shows
    - Streaming audio providers (for music, shows, etc)

    Banks and Insurance

    - Banks
    - Car insurances
    - Motor bikes insurances
    - Pets insurances
    - Travel insurances
    - Home contents insurances
    - House insurances
    - Landlord insurances
    - Life insurances
    - Critical illness insurances
    - Personal accident insurances
    - Private medical insurances
    - Commercial insurances


    - Cars owned & their manufacturers
    - Motor bikes own & their manufacturers


    - Preferred supermarkets

    If you would like to know more information about market research specialist and custom research panels please click here and you will be diverted to the specialist ‘question and answer’ section pertaining to this area of interest.

    For companies who would like to provide opportunities for their own users/members to be involved in market research (acting as a panel member) for MRFGR clients and the commercial revenue opportunities this can yield (including customer retention through incentives), please contact the MRFGR team for further information.