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Market Research Blog & Articles

How to be an effective market research moderator - a balancing act between moderating discussion and leading opinion.

MRFGR’S guide on the best practice for market research moderation.


Someone who makes certain that a formal discussion happens without problems and follows the rules.

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Market Research - the 8 important aspects of finding people for research projects - the ever-increasing challenge of respondent recruitment and the trials, tribulations and tricks to getting it right.

Any names or ascertains used are for example purposes only and don’t actually refer to real life living people or companies.

It’s no secret that finding people for market research projects is a tricky business. Not only do companies often need to speak with a very specific - and sometimes hard-to-reach - target audience, but the industry is littered with time-wasters and ‘professional respondents’ who continue to make the process increasingly difficult.

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Welcome to the MRFGR Market Research Blog

Welcome to what we hope will be an interesting series of market research related musings/blogs by the MRFGR team. There will be no set date/time for publishing these blogs and thus they will only appear when we feel we might have something interesting to say.

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