Respondent Questions - Focus Groups Etc

What do you mean by respondent recruitment?

Market research respondent recruitment refers to the recruitment of individuals who would like to take part in market research i.e. respondents.

How do I get to participate in focus groups, depth (one-to-one) interviews, co-creation workshops, etc?

Firstly you need to register your interest (it’s totally free with no catches) here.

Once you’ve signed up and completed your details you will be informed by email (sometimes by phone in urgent situations) of research projects that will be suitable for you. The emails will provide full details of the requirements included ‘incentives’ (see below for an explanation of respondent incentives) and if you’re still unsure you’re always welcome to call the office.

What are incentives?

Incentives refer to the payment received for partaking in a market research project. The incentive amount and type is totally dependent on the research project at hand, however most incentives are usually paid in cash with the exception of the incentives associated with online surveys where these are paid in vouchers.

Occasionally incentives can be in the form of product give-a-ways, vouchers, direct electronic transfer payments to your account or cheques.

How do I know where and when the market research projects are held?

You will be told via email and if selected you will be supplied with a confirmation letter - also sent to you via email - with all the required details to attend the research.

What effect does it have on the research if I fail to turn-up?

If you agree to attend a market research project but fail to attend you will automatically be excluded from any future research requirements as we operate a “one strike and your out” policy. You may think this sounds harsh but please consider that not only have you effectively ruined the research project (a certain number of people are always required to attend to voice their opinion), we do not receive any fees from the client, and you will have also taken the place of someone else who would have willingly attended. If you are in any doubt about your attendance to a research project you must call the office as soon as possible so we can attempt to find you a replacement.

Request a Quote & Project Feasibility


We love quoting, so are more than happy to freely discuss project feasibilty and provide quotes for any number of research projects with no obligation or hassle; after-all everyone needs some help when working out costs or even when tendering or pitching to clients!