Respondent Questions - Online Surveys

What is a online market research survey?

An online market research survey is generally the same as any other traditional survey with the exception that it is online and can be completed on your computer or through most mobile devices.

How do I get to complete a online market research survey?

You will either have a notification/invitation to take part in an online survey in your personal survey section of and/or you will be emailed with the requisite details.

What rewards are available for partaking in an online market research survey?

There are three different categories of survey type, these include ‘paid’, ‘prize’ and ‘fun’ surveys. As you can probably guess ‘paid’ surveys allow you to accumulate points which in turn can be exchanged for Amazon vouchers. On completion of ‘prize’ surveys respondents are entered into prize draws in addition to adding prize points to their account. ‘Fun Surveys’ are surveys that do not provide payment or prizes but do accumulate 'participation' points, which like the prize points ensures the respondent is given priority - assuming they have screened correctly - in terms of being selected for focus groups, depth interviews, workshops and the like (which usually provide cash incentives).