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Experienced, fresh thinking, and above all dependable. We've got all your qualitative recruitment covered.

Welcome to MRFGR (Market Research Focus Group Recruiter)

Focus Groups & Depth Group Recruitment, Custom Market Research Panels, Market Research Surveys and much more.

At MRFGR we specialise in market research related qualitative recruitment and related support services.

Whether you're an end-client, a market research agency, or a market research consultant we're here to help you with that most important and often difficult part of market research, obtaining genuine respondents/participants that match your exact requirements.

We have a very experienced team and all projects are undertaken according to the strict rules and standards of the Market Research Society (MRS).

We have our very own in-house telephone unit and MRFGR trained recruiters throughout the UK in addition to a fully managed in-house database and exclusive online panels, including but not limited to access to specialist sectors such as medical & pharmaceutical, legal, and high-level business groups & executives.

We can recruit from supplied lists, free-find, or our own databases following pre-determined screeners or even develop screeners on your behalf according to project requirements.

We are a very friendly and open company and no request is too small, unusual or last minute, even for the most extraordinary of requirements.

If you would like any further information or advice in regard to a recruitment brief without any obligation, then
contact us either by telephone or email.

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Questions? view our FAQ's about focus groups.
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