A Market Research Company Trusted by an Amazing Portfolio of UK & International Clients

A Market Research Company Trusted by an Amazing Portfolio of UK & International Clients

We're a friendly & approachable UK market research agency with offices in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds & Hull, working across the globe with businesses of all shapes & sizes.

No job really is too big or too small.

From enterprise level global businesses and start-ups, to small boutique agencies and individual consultants, we work across the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia, India, China, Japan, and most countries inbetween, for a plethora of marketing & creative agencies, end clients, and even - under NDAs - other competitor market research agencies (yes, we really are that good!).

We're here to help everyone and once you've worked with us, we're 100% confident that you won't want to work with anyone else.

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We love quoting, so are more than happy to freely discuss project feasibilty and provide quotes for any number of research projects with no obligation or hassle; after-all everyone needs some help when working out costs or even when tendering or pitching to clients!

Case studies

US & UK Healthcare Recruitment

We've been recruiting high-level individuals within the healthcare industry for remote interviews taking place over Zoom.

We worked with our client to recruit C-suite / senior board members of specific healthcare / medical sites across the UK and US markets. Thanks to extensive outreach and international efforts, we were able to secure all interviews and manage their participation to ensure a 100% turnout and a satisfactory result for the client.

Corona Virus - Public Research

Read about the speediness and flexibility which allowed us to deliver crucial results to our client within short timelines and still achieve incredibly high attendance levels.

MRFGR have been recruiting general members of the public to attend remote focus groups on the subject of COVID-19. The project involved working to extremely tight timelines and recruiting a full group of participants within 24-48hrs, along with 1 day turnarounds on transcription. In the end, MRFGR recorded 98% turnout across all groups and the project was a major success

High Success Rate for Remote Depth Interviews

Read about how we've been recruiting carers on a budget; our client wanted to recruit carers of family members who suffered from longterm ill-health for telephone interviews. We successfully managed to recruit 100% of participants, securing a full turnout, while adhering to our client's strict budget when it came to incentives.

MRFGR successfully recruited and screened a sample of respondents who were caring for a family member suffering from long-term ill health or disability.

Strict ethics guidelines meant that our client was only able to offer a small incentive, much reduced from our usual advised amount. Despite this, we still recruited individuals from a range of backgrounds and quotas as per the client's original brief.

Further timing demands also meant that our client didn't have too long to wait for recruitment, so we sourced all the participants within a tight timeline and scheduled them (more...)

Client References

"When I phoned Matthew at MRFGR I was in a bit of a pickle. I needed to recruit 25 consultant pediatricians for telephone interviews (with minimal incentive) across 8 countries, two of which were non-English speaking. Oh, and I needed to have recruited and completed the interviews in 12 working days. Surprisingly, Matthew wasn't taken aback by this and set about the task with enthusiasm. Even against these challenging timescales, Matthew was able to deliver all 25 consultants - a phenomenal effort. I was extremely happy. And, more importantly, so was my client."

Sebastian W - NHS Project.