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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Market Research Support Services

Research into ongoing outbreaks such as Coronavirus (COVID-19)

MRFGR does assist with research into current / ongoing outbreaks such as Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we understand that such studies will be extremely time-sensitive and require absolute meticulous attention to detail. Throughout the years, MRFGR have worked on a number of medical research projects, often on behalf of the NHS, pharmaceutical companies and universities, where the requirement was to speak with people who suffered from very specific conditions or disorders in relation to a difficult subject.

Please be reassured that we have all of the resources in place to help with your recruitment, online surveys, or management of online panels. Of course we understand that individual requirements vary, and while we're positive that we'll be able to help you with all of your research needs relating to the current pandemic, it's always better to get in touch to discuss directly with the team.