Read about some recent MRFGR projects including a large online survey with teenagers and the recruitment of hard-to-reach B2B professionals and mid-market vehicle owners from international markets.

We have been extremely busy in the new year with a range of projects and focused on fulfilling our client's requirements. Below, you can find just some of the work we've been doing this January.

2020 has been a very different year for a lot of people, and for many reasons. We've seen huge changes, not only to the way we work and behave, but also to the ways that companies are now conducting market research projects, and the ways we learn about our consumers and target audiences. Here, we'll reflect on some of the bigger projects we've been working on throughout this year, and look forward to 2021 and what the future could bring to the world of market research.

As we come towards the end of 2020, MRFGR is fully operational as before. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any market research enquiries you have - while our offices are closed, our team will continue to monitor emails and are on hand to help with urgent projects.

At MRFGR, we have been hard at work on numerous projects; we continue to deliver full market research services and here, we discuss just one of the full-service projects that we've been working on in the last week.

Read more about how MRFGR managed to pull together a large, nationally representative sample from a UK audience, and the full full analysis/report we delivered within a very strict timeframe.

Read more about one of our recent recruitment projects in which we had to source very specific car consumers, and an online survey we deployed for local residents in and around Sheffield.

We have been working on a number of different projects in the last week - ranging from qualitative (remote) research sessions, to quantitative feedback tools in the form of online surveys. As is often the case in market research, our work varies a lot from project to project - we have recruiting electric vehicle owners for remote interviews, recruited residents of South Yorkshire who have used a specific mode of public transport, and launched an online survey for Sheffield residents (plus the surrounding areas).

Read more about the latest online survey projects that MRFGR have been working on and the large sample sizes we've managed to achieve!

Since the start of the year, there has been a noticeable shift towards online and remote methodologies, and as the market continues to adapt to big changes in the ways we live our lives, a lot of our clients are turning to online surveys or remote focus groups / IDIs as a way of meeting their target audience.

MRFGR has recently managed to achieve large samples of 1,000+ for online surveys based on a broad range of criteria. With smart targeting and seamless online survey integration that can operate on it's own, or in conjunction with our client's own hosted surveys, we're able to (more...)

We recruited accountants, conducted their market research session, and compiled a full report / analysis.

A client approached us with a need to speak with accountants to assess whether there was a gap in the market for their product.

This was a full-service project and MRFGR were required to find a number of accountants for remote 1-on-1 interviews which would be conducted by our lead moderator.

Accountants aren't typically readily available on our database, though some were, so we needed to turn to outreach campaigns for the main bulk of our recruitment. In this case, a lot of our recruitment was done through contacting companies directly (through their website or public (more...)

Read about how we managed to achieve maximum attendance for face-to-face usability testing sessions in Central London and recruited a diverse range of skin types for our client's research.

We recruited people from a diverse range of skin types (from fair to dark based on the Fitzpatrick Scale).

Participants were screened using a comprehensive online screening tool which captured their skin type and additional criteria. Strict quotas were adhered to when it came to gender, age and glasses-wearers.

Recruitment was managed entirely through our substantially large database of respondents based in London with follow-up checks over the phone made to verify criteria and ensure that the recorded quotas were accurate.

On the day management was necessary to ensure (more...)

We've been recruiting high-level individuals within the healthcare industry for remote interviews taking place over Zoom.

We worked with our client to recruit C-suite / senior board members of specific healthcare / medical sites across the UK and US markets. Thanks to extensive outreach and international efforts, we were able to secure all interviews and manage their participation to ensure a 100% turnout and a satisfactory result for the client.

For more information on our Patient Recruitment please see Patient Recruitment and more generally Respondent (more...)

Read about the speediness and flexibility which allowed us to deliver crucial results to our client within short timelines and still achieve incredibly high attendance levels.

MRFGR have been recruiting general members of the public to attend remote focus groups on the subject of COVID-19. The project involved working to extremely tight timelines and recruiting a full group of participants within 24-48hrs, along with 1 day turnarounds on transcription. In the end, MRFGR recorded 98% turnout across all groups and the project was a major success

Read about how we've been recruiting carers on a budget; our client wanted to recruit carers of family members who suffered from longterm ill-health for telephone interviews. We successfully managed to recruit 100% of participants, securing a full turnout, while adhering to our client's strict budget when it came to incentives.

MRFGR successfully recruited and screened a sample of respondents who were caring for a family member suffering from long-term ill health or disability.

Strict ethics guidelines meant that our client was only able to offer a small incentive, much reduced from our usual advised amount. Despite this, we still recruited individuals from a range of backgrounds and quotas as per the client's original brief.

Further timing demands also meant that our client didn't have too long to wait for recruitment, so we sourced all the participants within a tight timeline and scheduled them (more...)