100% of Sample Achieved for Pet Owners in Online Survey

Read more about the latest online survey projects that MRFGR have been working on and the large sample sizes we've managed to achieve!

Since the start of the year, there has been a noticeable shift towards online and remote methodologies, and as the market continues to adapt to big changes in the ways we live our lives, a lot of our clients are turning to online surveys or remote focus groups / IDIs as a way of meeting their target audience.

MRFGR has recently managed to achieve large samples of 1,000+ for online surveys based on a broad range of criteria. With smart targeting and seamless online survey integration that can operate on it's own, or in conjunction with our client's own hosted surveys, we're able to get responses to any online survey in minutes.

Read below to find out more about some of the recent online surveys we've been working on.

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Pet Owners - 500 Completes

MRFGR were recently approached by a client who was new to market research but at the same time, knew that they needed research from a significant portion of their target audience to assess the viability of their business proposition.

There were a number of stages involved in this project

1. The creation of the online survey

The client had a good idea of what information they needed to know and created the first draft of the online survey themselves. After this, MRFGR stepped in to offer some advice on how best to position the survey overall to capture high-quality feedback that delivered on the required insight. Advice ranged from phrasing, additional answer options, to the inclusion of new questions and survey logic. It was incredibly important to us that we helped to create a survey that not only delivered on what was needed, but also one which gave respondents the best user experience - question types and phrasing can really help here.

2. Get survey responses / Survey sampling

Once this was achieved, we began the process of survey sampling. The survey was launched to our database and users were first screened to ensure that they met the relevant criteria (in this case, certain pet owners who were within a specified age range). Those who screened successfully were able to complete the survey and were incentivised for their time.

3. Analysis / Report

After the survey had hit it's maximum number of completes, our team carefully reviewed all of the findings and data before compiling a full written report. Data was presented through a raw spreadsheet, data tables (for ease of analysis) and graphs/charts that were included within the written executive summary report.

Online Grocery Shoppers - 750 completes

MRFGR were tasked with getting responses to an online survey on the topic of groceries. The criteria required respondents to be buying a specific product online - of which we calculated an incidence rate of 50% after targeting.

The client provided their online survey within a .doc file and MRFGR coded it onto our platform. Within a day, we had launched and were already collecting responses.

As with all of our online survey projects, we continuously kept the client informed and up to date with the responses they were getting through daily (sometimes twice daily) update files which contained all of the responses achieved so far.

We delivered on all of the required completes alongside the required demographics as requested by our client.