Large Sample of Teenagers Achieved for Online Survey

Read about some recent MRFGR projects including a large online survey with teenagers and the recruitment of hard-to-reach B2B professionals and mid-market vehicle owners from international markets.

We have been extremely busy in the new year with a range of projects and focused on fulfilling our client's requirements. Below, you can find just some of the work we've been doing this January.

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Online Survey - Teenagers

Our client, a well known university, approached us with the requirement of reaching 13-17 year olds with their online survey which focused on the perceptions of store displays. While the client wanted to host the survey on their own side using the Qualtrics platform, they wanted us to sample the audience and pre-screen them before filtering them into the survey.

As with all audiences under 18, we targeted the parents on our panel (specifically of the required ages). The number of this target on our panel was 20k, and we sampled specifically 6.9k for this survey. Parents were then screened using our own screening tool and asked to pass along the survey to their child. Those that refused or didn't consent were rejected, and the respondent was later asked to confirm their age so we could verify that the survey had indeed been passed over to the teenager.

Thanks to our precise targeting and thorough screening, we managed to achieve 100% of our client's desired responses within the week.

Mid-Market Vehicle Owners - China/Germany/UK/US

We were approached by a client who wanted to recruit mid-market vehicle owners from international markets. They had a list of vehicles they want us to focus on, and some additional criteria to ensure recent purchasers (within the last year), whether they had purchased the car new, etc. Some additional criteria for China meant we had to recruit from specific city tiers only.

We managed to recruit the entire target audience and meet our client's requirements in terms of quotas/audience.

Business Decision Makers - Purchasing Standards

We were tasked with recruiting a high-level audience from the B2B sector - that is, individuals who were in charge of purchasing standards for the company they worked for. The audience can be tricky, not just because of the level of respondent required, but because prior knowledge and experience of standards were required. We were asked to recruit a range of experience levels - from novice, to high experience - and this was determined by their response to certain agree statements created by our client.

We managed to recruit a large sample of this audience (100% of our client's requirement) and schedule them for interviews before our client's deadline. All respondents were scheduled on a rolling basis so our client could speak with users as soon as possible while we worked on recruiting the remaining candidates.