Client Questions - Online Panels & Surveys

Why would I want to use an online market research survey?

Surveys have a come along way since the use of the older more traditional method of print surveys. The introduction of online market research surveys has provided several benefits over the more traditional print based surveys including:

- extremely fast delivery of the survey to a large amount of potential respondents;
- the facility to receive responses/results almost immediately once delivered;
- a far cheaper method of delivering surveys (no postage to pay, less administration and management);
- a more reliable method of survey delivery (you know instantly if there are any delivery problems with the online survey);
- more popular with respondents and hence a higher response rate;
- far easier to provide incentives for completing the survey (if incentives are required).

Do you advise incentives for encouraging survey completions?

We always advise incentives to complete surveys unless the survey respondent views the survey as important to them (for example, the respondent may be complaining about local council initiatives so their views are important to them and so will not need incentivising).

Incentives for online surveys generally come in two forms, monetary payment (distributed using a points system where respondents can trade in points for monetary vouchers for Amazon) or prize incentives. Monetary payment is usually the preferred incentive by respondents as it's guaranteed and immediate, whereas allocating a prize to a survey - although used in 50% of instances - generally leads to a much lower and slower response rate, especially those prizes that are small in value.

What 'Question Types' can we use on the MRFGR survey platform?

The MRFGR online survey system has the most available question types of any other company in the market today. These include:

- Array;
- Array (5 point choice);
- Array (10 point choice);
- Array ( Yes/No/Uncertain);
- Array (Increase/Same/Decrease);
- Array by column;
- Array dual scale;
- Array (Numbers);
- Array (Text);
- Date;
- File upload;
- Gender;
- Language switch;
- Numerical input;
- Multiple numerical input;
- Ranking;
- Text display;
- Yes/No;
- Equation;
- Multiple choice;
- Multiple choice with comments;
- 5 point choice;
- List (Dropdown);
- List (Radio);
- List with comments;
- Short free text;
- Long free text;
- Huge free text;
- Multiple short text;

In addition to these question types the system also supports complex logic and variables and the ability to upload images, sound and video. The survey platform can literally cater for any survey design and/or requirement.

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