Terms & Conditions

1. It is free to register. There are no fees or charges.

2. Incentives are usually paid to people to take part in research. There are industry guidelines but this will vary slightly from project to project, depending on how much time is required from a participant or how specialised the requirements. This will be informed to you on initial communication of a project.

3. You can turn down any request from us to take part in a project without affecting your future chances of being asked.

4. Your details will not be disclosed to anyone outside of our company, except in the case where you have been accepted onto a specific market research project.

5. You can request to be removed at any time and we will delete all of your data from our systems.

6. Providing false data on your profile will lead to your removal from our systems.

7. Multiple or fake profiles will NOT increase your chances of being offered market research. It will however result in you being removed and blacklisted from all future market research.

8. People who take part in a research project usually remain anonymous. You may be asked for permission to be recorded, but this does not mean that your identity will be revealed in any final results of the research. If in the unlikely event audio and/or visual recordings of you are to be included in the research these will be communicated to you and permissions requested. You are under no obligation to appear in the research and such requests can be declined if you so wish. This however may affect any incentive that is provided for the research including non-payment.

9. You are fully expected to show up if you confirm to take part in a project. Failure to show up will lead to your removal from our systems, and permanent blacklisting from all future market research.


Respondent : A person who has been selected to take part in market research and provide their opinions and feedback.

Incentive : A reward (most often cash) given to a respondent for taking part in a research project.

Focus Group : A group of respondents brought together for a discussion.

In depth Interview : A respondent can be brought in and interviewed alone to give opinions and feedback.

Viewing Studio : A place where respondents can be interviewed, and optionally be recorded or have their reactions observed through a one-way mirror.

Request a Quote & Project Feasibility


We love quoting, so are more than happy to freely discuss project feasibilty and provide quotes for any number of research projects with no obligation or hassle; after-all everyone needs some help when working out costs or even when tendering or pitching to clients!