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MRFGR - Market Research Company

Update - 16/03/20 - We're pleased to announce work continues as usual through the Corona virus situation with respondent turnout still at 95%+ and with any projects that may have presented problems being moved to remote video/chat sessions, telephone interviews, online surveys or other active solutions. Our latest statement can be seen in full here. If you have any queries or require feasibility and quotes for UK or International projects, these can usually be turned around within the hour by our market research team so please do not hesitate to contact us (International requirements can sometimes be next day depending on time differences).


MRFGR (Market Research For Greater Results) - one of the UK's leading market research companies

Hello! We're a friendly and approachable market research company, specialising in both qualitative and quantitative projects.

MRFGR are one the UK's leading market research companies with offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Hull. We operate in all major international markets (including UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia, Asia Africa - and more regions in-between).

Although respondent recruitment is one of our most in-demand services, finding people for market research isn't all we offer. In fact, we cover the whole gamut of the market research process - from helping you plan and strategise, to moderation and reporting/analysis.

We love getting involved in all types of market research projects, with specialist services adept to meeting both your qualitative or quantitative needs (e.g. focus groups, depth interviews, online surveys, consumer testing, usability studies, and much more). This includes a range of support related services such as venue management, interview transcriptions, interpreters etc.

Generally, if you request it, we’ll not only assist in your market research project where you need us to, but we'll also make the process as easy as possible so you don’t have to worry.

We live and breathe everything market research and would love the opportunity to discuss your upcoming project in a little more detail. Contact us today to chat about your goals, and we'll provide a no obligation quote and full feasibility report within the same day.

Our Services

Having been in the market research field for over 15 years, we know that no two projects are ever the same, so while we've tried to make our list of services as exhaustive as possible, it's not possible to encapsulate absolutely 'everything' we can offer. We pride ourselves on being an adaptable team and our ability to offer a unique, tailored experience to all of our clients, regardless of requirements, so don't be discouraged if the service you need isn't listed below - get in touch and we'll get back to you within 10 minutes (during working hours) to let you know how we can help.

Full Market Research - Research Design, Planning, Management & Reporting.

Remote Market Research & Technologies - Online Focus Groups, Depths/1-2-1 Interviews and More

Market Research Panels - Consumer, Business & Specialist Online Market Research Panels.

Online Surveys & Panels - Fully Managed - Large Nationally Representative B2C & B2B Panels, Survey Creation, Management & Hosting.

Employee Engagement and Staff Satisfaction Surveys.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Respondent Recruitment / People for Research Projects.

Market Research Field & Ancillary Support Services - Venue Sourcing & Management, Moderators, Transcription, Translation, Interpreters....

Product Testers.

Market Research Bulletin Boards, Forums & Chat Rooms Software & Technologies.

Full Market Research - Research Design, Planning, Management & Reporting.

At MRFGR, we deliver a high quality package that covers every single part of the market research process. From planning and strategy, to moderation and respondent recruitment, from panel sourcing to online survey hosting - we do it all.

All projects start as, 'just an idea' - but we will help you to bring that idea to life. Through careful planning, meticulous attention to the detail, and guidance from our own team of leading experts, we'll ensure a smooth transition into real, tangible findings.

Our process:

  • FREE informal chat to discuss the main aims and goals of your research, so we can understand your project better
  • No obligation quote and full feasibility report,
  • Agreement of timelines and services required
  • Project sign-off
  • Full consultation to further identify key goals
  • Pre-planning and formulation of strategy
  • Creation of all relevant documentation and materials including recruitment screeners, survey, discussion guide (with further consultation with one of our highly-trained and experienced moderators
  • Programming / launch of the project
  • Recruitment, outreach, sampling, with regular updates (every 1-2 days)
  • Finalisation of discussion guide and respondent list (for qualitative market research)
  • Moderation of qualitative market research
  • Cleaning of data / findings and delivery of raw results along with analysis-friendly file
  • Reporting / Analysis

  • Remote Market Research & Technologies - Online Focus Groups, Depths/1-2-1 Interviews and More

    We have conducted remote market research within an online setting for many years. We can offer our help with planning and strategy, project management, recruitment, moderation, and reporting and analysis.

    Remote market research can be a fantastic way of reaching far-flung audiences, hard-to-reach participants who may not have the availability for a face-to-face session. With no venue fees, it's also a good way to ensure your project remains cost effective.

    Read more about our remote market research capabilities and how we can help.

    Market Research Panels - Consumer, Business & Specialist Online Market Research Panels.

    We have large and substantial pre-built panels that are ready to go for any market research project, today.

    Demographic, consumer, business decision maker, medical patients, political voter, local residents panels available & more

    Unlike most other market research companies, we actually speak to our panellists. We assess their suitability and engagement levels before every single project. Market research can only thrive when the data you're getting is accurate and of high-quality, so we pride ourselves on delivering authentic and high-standard panels.

    Our 'bespoke' service allows us to build panels from the ground up, exclusively for your project.

    Read more about our high-quality and enthusiastic panels.

    Online Surveys & Panels - Fully Managed - Large Nationally Representative B2C & B2B Panels, Survey Creation, Management & Hosting.

    Our online survey platform is a robust and capable method of reaching large audiences, fast. At MRFGR, we know that most companies need to see results quickly, so we have streamlined our service to allow same-day launch, daily updates on progress, and speedy results.

    Strict recruitment criteria is applied to our online survey panels, as in our respondent recruitment process, ensuring that - unlike the vast majority of the competition - our respondents are genuine people who only complete a survey if they fit the exact screening criteria. Additionally, and if required by the client, MRFGR can run non-anonymous surveys allowing the client to identify participants as real people (with GDPR compliant consent first obtained, of course).

    Our survey programming and hosting tool filled to the brim with ready-to-go templates and complex question designs, allowing us to recreate your survey as faithfully to the plan as possible.

    Survey infrastructure is managed by our experienced in-house coding team, with experience in design, relevancy equation, validation checks and complex logic.

    Deliverables include raw data files, reporting and analysis, data tables, graphs/charts and coded open or closed text questions.

    Sample-only and full-package services are available - read more about our online survey and panel integration capabilities

    Employee Engagement and Staff Satisfaction Surveys.

    All businesses need a little help understanding their employees from time to time - whether they're a start-up, an SME, or a large and established firm.

    Understanding the people that represent your brand can offer fantastic opportunities for improving on the customer journey. We will use our comprehensive survey platform to understand what your employees think of the brand they represent and identify emerging needs in training and development. We’ll do this in a way that works for everyone - so employees can comfortable express their honest opinion, while employers reap the benefits to be gained from such honest and true insight.

    Our white-label report will fully analyse your employee performance with advice on the next steps to take.

    Find out more about how MRFGR can help to boost your business performance.

    Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

    Knowing what your customer thinks, wants, needs, and everything in-between has never been more vital than it is today. Knowing these few, simple things can be the difference between a booming, successful business and one that struggles to meet targets.

    We will help you to identify those key components, and highlight exactly how they relate to your business. The experienced team at MRFGR will craft superior quality questionnaires that will gather valuable feedback in a variety of formats, including: text, numerical, rating, ranking, array, multiple choice, amongst others (please contact the team for more details). The MRFGR survey platform offers formatting options to suit client’s presentational requirements and utilises sophisticated logic that responds to user-input, allowing for randomisation and predetermined question sets.

    It's never too late to expand on your customer's experience - have a look, and see how else MRFGR can help you to understand the people that matter to your business most.

    Respondent Recruitment / People for Research Projects.

    It’s been a core principle at MRFGR for a while that the market research respondent is singularly the most important part of the whole research process. Without the correct respondent, regardless of whether you have the best research plan, setup, or moderation, your findings will effectively be meaningless
    Our in-house respondent recruitment team have been central to many market research projects across the globe. With over 15 years of experience in finding the right people for market research, we have developed a thorough and competent service that not only provides high-quality, genuine and enthusiastic participants for any project, but promises an effective solution that gives our clients peace of mind.

    Expect regular updates (every 1-2 days), full GDPR compliance, detailed back-checking and re-screening, and full start-to-end check-ins.

    Not only will we find the perfect respondent type, but we consistently connect with them throughout the entirety of the project to ensure high levels of engagement and full attendance.

    Our team will recruit for all market research methodologies (focus groups, depth interviews, product testing, mystery shopping, surveys, and more) all audiences:

  • General population
  • Consumer
  • C-suite individuals and high-level business decision makers
  • Medical Patients
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • International participants

  • When discussing respondent recruitment, it is important to state the elephant in the room - that is, there is very little in the way of professional organisations that effectively monitor and ensure the services of so called respondent recruitment or market research online survey agencies are genuine.

    However, all of our respondent recruitment is carried out by our own full-time, in-house, specially trained team - who follow the rules and standards advised by the Market Research Society (MRS) - and do not outsource our recruitment services to any external provider, who often go unchecked and unverified.

    When we have taken ownership of a job, we take pride in the work we put into that project ourselves, so you can expect the utmost attention to detail, care and thoroughness that you can from your own team. Unfortunately, this isn't the case for all market research companies, and we are often called in to pick up the pace when other agencies have fallen behind.

    Find out more about our respondent recruitment process and how we can help.

    Market Research Field & Ancillary Support Services - Venue Sourcing & Management, Moderators, Transcription, Translation, Interpreters....

    We help with all of the additional support services that most companies require when conducting market research - whether you need an onsite translator, verbatim transcripts, venue hire / management, live-streaming, or incentive distribution, we can help you.

    Even if you have an additional requirement that you're 'not sure' we can help you with, please be aware that we are a very flexible company, so it's almost certain that we can help you in most cases.

    Product Testers.

    Whatever stage your product is in - be that concept, testing, or even established - we have the capabilities to help you get real, hands-on feedback from your target audience.

    There are numerous strategies to conduct product testing and we'll help you find the right one. Most product testing is ethnographic, allowing the participant to test and handle the item as they would normally, while providing feedback via a whole number of qualitative / quantitative ways (interview, survey, recorded feedback video), but we do also have experience in conducting 'drop-in' product tests at a central venue, as well as getting feedback on conceptual ideas that aren't yet in a usable format.

    The products we have helped our clients to test are numerous - apps, foods, medicine, drinks (both alcoholic and soft), household goods, and even cars. There's really no product we can't work with.

    Market Research Bulletin Boards, Forums & Chat Rooms Software & Technologies.

    Bulletin boards and forums can be a fantastic way to gather vast amounts of quant data over a longer period of time. Responses tend to be thought out, developed and informative when participants can answer from the comfort of their own home, with no time-limit, at a time that works for them.

    We have services to help you through the entire process - setting up & establishing an online community, recruiting participants, managing engagement, and reporting/analysis - while our flexibility means that we're able to assist with our client's externally managed platforms at our client's preference.

    MRFGR are one of the world’s leading providers of such technologies, with a technological focused sister division (Cerebral), which includes our very own development team, we are available to provide the very best in market research bulletin boards, forums and chat rooms.

    Clinical / healthcare research studies into ongoing outbreaks such Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    MRFGR assist with immediate and time-sensitive medical research projects such as Coronavirus (Covid-19). Whether you need help with the recruitment of your research participants, panel management, or sourcing large quant data to online surveys - we're able to help with any aspect. It's advisable that you contact us to discuss your research project with a highly trained member of the team, and we can deliver a full feasibility proposal along with costs.