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Online Survey Creation, Management & Hosting

Online Survey Creation, Management & Hosting Image

For further information on surveys please also see our Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Employee Engagement and Staff Satisfaction Surveys information pages.

  • mobile friendly (fully responsive design),
  • 99.99% survey uptime,
  • high availability servers,
  • both sample only or full service available,
  • access to a full cross section of the UK population (foreign panels available on request),
  • super fast turnarounds available,
  • survey creation and coding by highly skilled researchers,
  • ability to create highly complex surveys with numerous logic options,
  • frequent updates pertaining to survey completions,
  • text, images, video and sound type questions,
  • several statistical reporting methods available from basic data dump to in-depth analysis and reporting of results.
  • Why should I use an online survey?

    Online surveys (often in conjunction with market research panels) can be used for market research analysis on their own or in conjunction with more qualitative methods of research such as focus groups. Online surveys offer an opportunity to hit a large amount of respondents in a short space of time within a limited budget.

    Even though a paper/print based survey service is still available, online surveys are usually used in 99% of cases. In comparison online surveys enable you to:

    - send to a large volume of respondents instantaneously;
    - send to large volumes at a very low cost (no stamps required!);
    - no interviewer costs;
    - receive immediate survey data analysis from the responses;
    - the ability to send out the same survey easily and quickly at any time in the future and thus facilitate trend analysis;
    - the ability to randomise questions, so questions are presented in a different order for each respondent, allowing for far more accurate data analysis;
    - incredibly advance survey logic;
    - anonymity (if required), to encourage honest and frank responses (when compared to being interviewed on the street or similar);
    - more thoughtful responses given that the respondents can answer the online survey in their own time and in the comfort of their chosen surroundings.

    What can you do for us in respect of an online survey service?

    We are a very flexible company and can help you at any stage of your survey requirements, from full survey planning, creation, hosting, management, and/or reporting.

    We can create any type of survey or poll, including:

    - customer satisfaction surveys;
    - employee satisfaction surveys;
    - healthcare and patient surveys;
    - marketing surveys;
    - market research surveys;
    - meeting & event planning surveys;
    - non-profit surveys;
    - online research surveys;
    - consumer surveys;
    - political polls;
    - and much more.

    For those clients that require a rapid turnaround a survey can be planned, created, and launched on a same-day basis, in some cases within hours.

    How robust is your online survey system?

    Our system enables us to build and launch a survey very quickly. The entire system is build on an extremely robust and highly secure (utilising 2048-bit SSL encryption) AWS cloud architecture and can handle any amount of traffic that is thrown at it, so even instances where your survey generates a huge amount of traffic within a very small period i.e. 1000’s of surveys hits within minutes, our servers can easily cope with this, so users will not experience any delayed pages, time-outs, or resource limit notifications.

    How responsive is your survey system in respect of mobile and tablet users etc?

    Due to the amount of smart phone users, the whole system is also built on a mobile-first principle, and is fully responsive to any media device/screen size, so mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops and tv’s are all able to access and view the surveys without issue.

    Can you supply respondents/market research consumer panels?

    We have the highest quality panel in the UK today (and foreign based market research panels), and can send your survey instantly to any number of screened respondents.

    For more information on our panels please click here.

    Would you like to know more information?

    If you would like to know more information about online surveys please click here and you will be diverted to the specialist ‘question and answer’ section pertaining to market research online panels and surveys.