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Online Surveys & Panels - Fully Managed - Large Nationally Representative B2C & B2B Panels, Survey Creation, Management & Hosting

Get survey responses from a large and nationally representative sample now.

While surveys allow respondents to give feedback from the comfort of their own home, for companies, they are a fantastic and cost-effective means of reaching large samples of their target audience within days. MRFGR are well-equipped to help your survey reach thousands, fast. If you're interested in running an online survey, get in touch with our expert team today to discuss your requirements and how we can help you. We'll provide you with a full feasibility report and quote within the hour.

  • Available in all major international markets,
  • mobile friendly (fully responsive design),
  • high availability servers,
  • sample only or full service packages available,
  • survey creation and coding by highly skilled researchers to create highly complex surveys,
  • frequent updates pertaining to survey completions,
  • several statistical reporting methods available from raw data file to in-depth analysis and reporting of results.
  • coding of results is available for both open and closed question types.
  • The importance of the online survey

    Simply put, online surveys offer an opportunity to hit a large amount of respondents, in a short space of time, and within a limited budget.

    Often used as the first port-of-call for most market research projects, they are frequently used to identify key findings, whereas qualitative research allows you to drill down for further insight. With no interview or venue fees, it's a great way to keep your research costs low, allowing you to obtain more research at a greater value.

    Responses tend to be more thoughtful given that the respondents can answer in their own time and in the comfort of their chosen surroundings.

    With MRFGR, you will receive immediate data and analysis from survey responses, so that you can make well-informed decisions quicker.

    Our online survey services

    We understand that people carry different expectations, so we aim to be a flexible company that offers solutions to everyone, as opposed to the few. In essence this means that we will help with any part of the online survey process that you require assistance with. We offer sample-only, hosting & sample - with a wide variety of survey logic and pre-built templates to ensure your survey is presented exactly how you intended -, survey creation and design, reporting/analysis, and full coding capabilities (for both open and closed questions). Clients are free to 'pick and choose' the services they need, without being tied to a larger package that doesn't work for them.

    We have experience in all types of online surveys - general consumer, B2B, medical, political, and more!

    Well-timed analysis can sometimes demand data to be delivered fast - we understand that. With our rapid turnaround programme, we can launch surveys within hours of project sign-off and send responses to our clients as they come through.

    A robust and capable survey system, at your disposal

    Our system boasts a variety of pre-built templates and ready-to-go complex question designs, meaning we can get your survey off the ground faster. Advanced logic capabilities allows us to faithfully programme the survey you envisioned, all according to your exact requirements; randomisation, validation, relevancy equations, screen-outs, quota captures, question-skip (for irrelevant questions), timers, and unique text exclusive to specific users are just some of the settings we have at our disposal. Not only this, but we have our very own in-house coding team who are constantly expanding on the increasingly large range of functionalities that our platform can offer.

    Our system is incredibly secure, utilising 2048-bit SSL encryption and AWS cloud architecture - in short, it can handle any amount of traffic that is thrown at it within short periods. This means that we can avoid delayed pages, time-outs, or resource limit notifications on the user end.

    Fully responsive on all mobile and tablet platforms

    Many users find it more comfortable to complete online surveys on their mobile phones - which is why it was so important to us that our platform was built to be fully responsive and scalable on all major portable devices, regardless of screen size, so all of our design choices operate a mobile-first principle.

    Sample Provision

    Our extensive panel extends across the entire globe, covering all major markets.

    The panel is nationally representative with demographic targeting available on age, gender, location, employment, etc. Pre-screening is available to further identify valid respondents such as consumers of a specific product, service or area, high-level decision makers or business owners, attitudinal behaviour, specific illnesses, or family and living situation.

    Exact panel numbers can be viewed below but please note that this applies to 'active' panellists only. We can also work with our trusted partners or on outreach programmes for studies that require a greater need.

    AUSTRIA 35,000
    BELGIUM 31,000
    DENMARK 58,000
    ESTONIA 40,300
    FINLAND 54,500
    FRANCE 59,500
    GERMANY 130,000
    ITALY 70,000
    LATVIA 32,000
    LITHUANIA 40,000
    NORWAY 101,000
    POLAND 56,000
    SPAIN 30,500
    SWEDEN 87,500
    SWITZERLAND 36,500

    If you would like to know more information about online surveys please click here and you will be diverted to the specialist ‘question and answer’ section pertaining to market research online panels and surveys.