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Respondent Recruitment (People for Research)

People for research - Market research respondent recruitment - Market research participants - Image

Areas of Specialism:

  • Respondent identification and planning,
  • Respondent screener checking or creation,
  • Respondent recruitment and management,
  • Respondent back checking.
  • As referred to on our home page, respondent recruitment (finding people for your research projects) is the most important part of the market research process. Without the correct market research respondent your findings will ultimately be useless, regardless of how well the project has been planned and conducted.

    We have the most rigorous internal recruitment procedures within the whole of the market research industry. We always operate on the belief that we’re only as good as our last job so you can be rest assured that you’re going to get the best job possible (please feel free to read through our most recent client testimonials on the homepage of our website).

    If you would like to know more information about how we can help you find people for your research projects please click here and you will be diverted to the specialist ‘question and answer’ section pertaining to market research respondent recruitment.